Thomas College students face drinking charges

Luckily no Kappas were involved.

WATERVILLE: Students face drinking charges

Staff Writer Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel 09/09/2009
WATERVILLE — Eleven Thomas College students are scheduled to appear in court this fall on underage drinking-related charges filed after police broke up a party Sunday night on North Street.

The incident occurred less than a week after five other Thomas students were charged at a similar off-campus party on Collette Street.

Deputy police Chief Charles Rumsey said Tuesday that it is unusual for so many Thomas students to be charged with underage drinking.

“The size of their student body isn’t as big as some other colleges in the central Maine area, and a large number of students live on campus; so for us to respond to two parties at off-campus residences in this short a period of time is unusual,” Rumsey said, “and issuing that number of summonses to Thomas College students this early in the year is unusual.”

Police responded to the party on North Street at 10:55 p.m. Sunday, according to Rumsey.

“We responded to a loud noise complaint at 79 North St. — we got a call from a neighbor who was complaining about the noise,” he said.

The Thomas students renting the house were having a party and they and their guests were underage and illegally consuming alcohol, he said. Police summonsed both the renters and the visitors and about 15 others fled the scene, he said.

“A number of other people ran from the building when we arrived and were not located,” Rumsey said.

Those summonsed and released at the scene were Corey Underwood, 20, of West Bath, charged with possession of liquor and furnishing a place for minors to consume; Andrew Duncanson, 20, of Westbrook, possession of liquor and providing a place for minors to consume; Isaiah Brathwaite, 20, of West Farmington, possession of liquor and providing a place for minors to consume; Andrew Pelletier, 19, of Topsham, possession of liquor and providing a place for minors to consume; Khaila Donovan, 18, 180 West River Road, Waterville, possession of liquor by a minor; Lucas Goss, 19, 180 West River Road, Waterville, possession of liquor; Shayne Kemp, 19, of Farmington, possession of liquor; Terissa Ridge, 19, of 180 West River Road, possession of liquor; Sean Simpson, 19, of Farmington, possession of liquor; Kaymala Eells, 20, of Otisfield, possession of liquor; and Emily Lemieux, 19, of Colebrook, N.H., possession of liquor.

All of the students are scheduled to appear in Waterville District Court at 1 p.m. Nov. 17, Rumsey said. Five Thomas students summonsed last week at a party at 12 Collette St. also are scheduled to appear in court at that time. They also were summonsed for underage drinking, and the student who rents the apartment was charged with providing a place as well.

Possession of liquor by a minor is a civil violation which typically is punishable by a $100 to $150 fine; furnishing a place is a Class D misdemeanor, punishable by a fine and possibly a jail term, Rumsey said.

He said those summonsed Sunday night cooperated with police.

“Nobody was combative, nobody was injured, nobody was arrested,” he said.

Rumsey said it is unlikely that the students who fled the scene Sunday night when police arrived will be identified.


Mark your calendars for the first Saturday in August

Having a big party at my house, lots of Kappas are going to be there (usually 40 or 50).  Third year in a row I’ve been hosting it, so don’t miss out!

Here are photos from last year (using KodakGallery):

More details as the date gets nearer.


The hall has been selected for Nu Chapter’s 50th anniversary

Many thanks to Bruno Bernosky for stopping by Champions in Waterville and taking some pictures.

And no, there will not be a kickboxing competition, unless there is a consensus that that is what everyone wants.

Incidentally, this is where Eta Chapter held their 75th anniversary two years ago.

Stay tuned, next April is getting closer!

Champions, Waterville, Maine
Champions, Waterville, Maine